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Make Your Apps Safer with an Embedded SSL Library

Jan 30, 2019 |
Developers are under more pressure than ever before to implement security as a core design element in all their projects. The concept of being secure by design is now expected by many business ... Read more

ElcomSoft Phone Breaker Extracts Message Attachments from iCloud

Jan 18, 2019 |
Recently, Elcomsoft Phone Viewer received an update to support the new data categories. In addition to iCloud Messages extraction, it gives you the ability to remotely access non-text content such as ... Read more

Keep Every File Safe with Active@ Disk Image

Jan 18, 2019 |
By now, almost everyone knows that it's simply a matter of common sense to keep important documents backed up. After all, computers can fail without any warning, and attacks by hackers and malicious ... Read more

Automate FTP Downloads and Uploads with FTPGetter Professional

Jan 9, 2019 |
For those who work with web development, accessing and using files stored on remote FTP or SFT servers is often a daily part of the routine. Whether you're manually installing a theme or plugin for ... Read more

Recover Lost Data and Deleted Partitions from NTFS Drives

Jan 9, 2019 |
When you empty the Recycle Bin, Windows always gives you a warning stating that the files within will be gone for good if you go ahead. Similarly, if you format a drive or delete a hard drive ... Read more

Get Your Data and Partitions Back with Active@ File Recovery

Dec 26, 2018 |
Almost every computer user has experienced that dreaded feeling before when they empty the Recycle Bin or format the wrong drive only to realize when it is already too late that they had just deleted ... Read more

How to Recover Lost Hard Drive Partitions

Dec 26, 2018 |
When you buy a new computer and launch Windows for the first time, chances are you will notice that there are multiple drives appearing in the File Explorer. Even if there aren't, additional drives ... Read more

Is Cyclonis Password Manager a Password Encryption Tool?

Dec 22, 2018 |
What Is Encryption? According to Webopedia, encryption is a "translation of data into a secret code." So if a file got encrypted, the information within it has been scrambled according to a certain ... Read more

Supercharge Your Photography Career with a Creative Photo Editor

Dec 10, 2018 |
Are you an amateur or professional photographer seeking to make an impact in your industry, yet you just don't have the right tools at your disposal? Sure, you've probably already got a pretty good ... Read more

Illustrate Your Industry with a Vector and Raster Editor for Mac

Nov 26, 2018 |
Are you a professional designer looking for a convenient way to manage your digital workflow and create stunning graphics that captivate your target audience? If that sounds like you, then chances are ... Read more

หัวน้ำหอม ขายหัวน้ำหอม ขายส่งหัวน้ำหอม

Nov 18, 2018 |
หัวน้ำหอม ขายหัวน้ำหอม ขายส่งหัวน้ำหอม เทียบเคียงกลิ่นแบรนด์เนม ... Read more

Organize Photos, Share Photos, and More with ACDSee

Nov 14, 2018 |
Whether you're a practical amateur or a seasoned photographer, chances are you have a huge and constantly growing selection of photos. If you're still using Windows Explorer to keep track of ... Read more

Organize, Edit, and Share Your Work with Professional Photo Software

Nov 8, 2018 |
Designed for both enthusiastic amateurs and professional photographers, ACDSee Professional has become a favorite solution for editing, organizing, and sharing photos across collections of any size. ... Read more

VDP Technology: More Than Just Printing

Nov 3, 2018 |
VDP (variable data printing) technology can do much more than its name gives it credit. Capabilities such as automatic form population, automatic routing, and form design can be a part of a VDP ... Read more

Manage Multiple Passwords Easily with Cyclonis Password Manager

Nov 3, 2018 |
Passwords form the backbone of any digital security strategy, either at home or in the workplace. Although we have now entered the age of multi-factor authentication, biometric controls and various ... Read more

5 Reasons to Manage Documents in The Cloud

Oct 30, 2018 |
Gone are the days when operating a business required rooms full of physical file cabinets stuffed with forests full of cardboard and paper containing all of the information a business needed. While ... Read more

Create Your Own DIY Pro-Quality Newborn Photo Shoot

Oct 30, 2018 |
The newborn phase is a magical time in your child's development, and it passes almost as quickly as it begins. It's no wonder then, that so many parents commission photo sessions as soon as possible. ... Read more VPN for Windows 2.0 Released With A Whole Host Of New Features

Oct 30, 2018 |
We know that a lot of our users appreciate the quick and painless setup process of our Windows VPN client, and today we are proud to announce version 2.0. Windows app 2.0 brings a truckload ... Read more

Work Seamlessly with QuarkXPress Files in Adobe InDesign

Oct 29, 2018 |
If you routinely work with QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign, then Q2ID is one of the most important plugins you will ever buy. The addon is designed for all recent versions of InDesign and, unlike most ... Read more

Schedule and Automate Reports with CRD Crystal Report Scheduler

Oct 29, 2018 |
Regardless of your industry and the size of your business, digital data is by far the most important asset you have at your disposal, and this fact is only going to become more crucial as the world ... Read more