How to organize an Expo or a Fair?
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How to organize an Expo or a Fair?

Exhibitions, Fairs and Festivals are extremely popular in our country all time. If you own a business looking to launch new products or promote them; organizing a local exhibition or a festival can help you showcase your products, raise brand awareness and meet new suppliers. These fairs and fests can cover a wide range of themes and hence build a huge business involvement with public. Either you are a construction company planning a township expo or a catering firm planning a food festival; these tips would be helpful! Tips to follow while organizing an Expo or a Fair Find a Sponsor Including a sponsor for your fairs will bring you revenue and credibility. Mostly sponsors are interested in spending for certain aspects of the events such as space, logistics, food and beverages or marketing. The exciting part is that, associating with a recognizable brand as your sponsor will add credibility to your expo and make it much easier to promote. Write a Business Plan Either you plan a fair for charitable or for commercial reasons, the best idea is to have a comprehensive business plan. Make sure you have clarity on the goals about what exactly you want to achieve through the Exhibition or festival. Prepare a schedule; derive a detailed budget, logistics plan and anything else you may consider necessary. Get the Promotions Right Target audience is the key for every exhibitions or festivals to execute successfully. In your business plan don’t forget to include a section about your targeted audience. The type of people who are willing to attend a food fest will probably be different from those who willing to attend a car expo. Find who your audience is and where they hang out; then plan your marketing strategy. If you are a business and you are focusing on a particular project or product; giving away flyers or brochures about your projects and services is good idea. If the fair is organized for a charity to showcase a cause; giving away wristbands or t-shirts would be a better plan. Look in to the Legalities When planning an event for the public there are many legalities you need to be aware of. Contact your local authorities with your plan and get clarity on the dos and don’ts while organizing such a big fest. Noise permissions are mandatory for fairs that involve huge noises or sound systems. Involve the Local Community If your festival is targeted to attract a mass or be noisy in any means; you would really need the local community on your side. Make sure you promote the fair in the exact locality to pull the targeted audience to the event. Including variety of stalls will gradually bring crowd to the expo if the minimum standard is met. Involving music and entertainments, food and beverages which both children and adults can enjoy will turn the fair to a grand success. Source: