5 Reasons to Manage Documents in The Cloud
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5 Reasons to Manage Documents in The Cloud

Gone are the days when operating a business required rooms full of physical file cabinets stuffed with forests full of cardboard and paper containing all of the information a business needed. While the dream of a paperless office may still be decades away, it is closer now than it ever was. Using The Cloud as an option for document management solutions is not only wise, but a no-brainer for decreasing space usage while increasing productivity. Here are the top five reasons why you should manage your documents in The Cloud. Accessibility The Cloud is a simple file storage solution found online which allows any number of users to access, download, and edit a file as needed in real-time. In addition, you can use almost any device to access the file, so long as the device itself is capable of viewing the document. This means phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and other devices can all access a cloud document. Considering that most workers average more than three Internet-capable devices these days, that's a major advantage for those working on-the-go. Surely, an effective automation tool is necessary to keep your cloud network as updated and organized as possible. With MOST, FabSoft's premier scanning and routing solution, and Tag Doc's barcoding capability, your cloud network will function efficiently from start to finish. Cost Savings The magic word for most business owners is "savings". Using cloud storage as a document management solution is extremely cost-effective. Consider the costs of purchasing, setting up, upgrading, and maintaining physical servers in the work place. The Cloud makes all of this unnecessary as you are essentially farming out that aspect of your technical support to the company whose storage you are using. The savings on the printing side of your business is reason enough to invest in cloud storage and see your profit margins take a significant uptick. Better, More Efficient Collaboration Collaborating has never been easier than it is with The Cloud. Some cloud storage solutions even allow for multiple users to engage in real-time updates of files simultaneously, which is the case with SharePoint 365. This saves a lot of time when it comes to exchanging information - no longer do you need to email documents or wait for a chat response. If multiple approvals or reviews of a document are necessary, having the documents on The Cloud allows for instant access by all parties, which speeds up the approval process exponentially. Any file can be updated and instantly available to all parties who can access it, automatically saved, and ready to go. FabSoft's very own, Document Authority Control or DAC, does exactly this as it works side by side with our MOST Cloud Service. Total Security Your files on The Cloud are accessible, but more importantly, they are secure. If your office experiences a fire or a serious flood, your local servers can be destroyed, taking all your files with them. Those with a cloud infrastructure already in place can have peace of mind knowing their files are in digital form, immune from such problems. If a hacker manages to get inside your network, your files won't be compromised as long as you employ the use of common-sense security in the creation and storage of your passwords. In addition, you will always have control over who can access files in The Cloud, either through account management solutions, password access, or both. Increased Productivity As mentioned above, files on The Cloud can be retrieved from anywhere there is an Internet connection. This can only serve to increase the productivity of your workforce. For example, cloud storage is optimal in work-from-home situations and allows for emergency access to files when that deadline is looming, even if you're at a conference out-of-state. Getting set up with a cloud account takes less than half an hour in most cases, and will then free your IT department up to concentrate on more important issues such as network security and direct hardware and software support for your staff, thereby increasing their value to the company. More and more, companies and workers are reliant upon mobile technology in the form of tablets and smart phones. By using The Cloud as a document management solution, you appeal directly to this trend, which will only increase as time goes on. Cloud storage is secure, increases productivity and allows for greater collaboration. It allows for true, real-time remote access to documents, and best of all, saves your business considerable money in labor and equipment costs. In today's work environment, cloud-based document management systems are becoming more of a necessity to businesses than just a good alternative. Remember to take a quick tour of our Tag Doc page at http://www.fabsoft.com/products/tag-doc.html where you can learn more about organizing and accessing your documents through our MOST scanning, routing and cloud services!