5 Tricks to Get the Most out of the Free Auslogics BoostSpeed trial
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5 Tricks to Get the Most out of the Free Auslogics BoostSpeed trial

Did you download the free trial of Auslogics BoostSpeed 9 to see what the program can do for a computer running slow, but found the kit a little overwhelming? Not everyone sees right away all the things you can do in the free trial. BoostSpeed is not just a PC cleaner. It is a full-featured suite of computer tuneup utilities that works as a junk cleaner, PC optimizer, registry repair tool, privacy protector and a lot more. We decided to help those of you who are downloading BoostSpeed for the first time to test as much as possible of the program's potential, so you can see the benefits it may give your system. Here are a few simple tricks to guide you through the trial. Trick #1. When you launch the program for the first time, the first thing you see is the SCAN button. If the scan didn't start automatically, go ahead and run the System Scan, which will detect the issues that may affect your PC's performance. Are you curious what those issues are? Then don't rush to click the Repair Now button, instead take some time to investigate what the scan has turned up. Click the "View details" link under each category to review a complete list of detected issues. Some things may look familiar, while others may be hard to understand, but you will get the idea of what the program intends to clean up and repair. Trick #2. The trial version of BoostSpeed lets you fix all issues under Disk Cleanup, but did you think that was it, done with the trial? It couldn't be farther from the truth! You can actually do quite a bit of optimizing with the free trial. Click on the All Tools tab and use each of the 18 tools there once to get the full benefit. You can check your hard drive for errors and defragment it, fix Windows registry errors, find and delete duplicate files, tweak your system to make it work better for you, shred important documents or restore accidentally deleted files, and a lot more. Trick #3. Are you scared the program may do something you'll regret? Don't be! The Rescue Center allows you to back up prior to applying any changes, so you can easily undo anything the program does to your system. Be sure to open Program Settings from the main window, go to the Rescue Center tab and select checkboxes next to all utilities to ensure that all of them run backups before each operation. As you get used to the program and see how it performs on your system, you will feel safe unchecking most of those, but keep them checked for now. To restore one of these backups, click on Backups at the bottom-left of the main program window and pick the needed backup from the list. Trick #4. You think that's all you can do in a free BoostSpeed trial? Wrong again. Under the Live Speedup tab you will find a selection of tools that work in real time to protect your PC's performance by optimizing resource usage and more. You can enable two of these tools absolutely free and enjoy real time boosts. Trick #5. What else should you look at when trying out BoostSpeed? We recommend exploring the program further by viewing reports after each operation, browsing through the menu options to change program settings, or looking at System Advisor recommendations to see what hardware upgrades or system tweaks might do your PC some good. As you can see, there is quite a bit more to the free trial than just disk cleanup. Follow these tips and you will get a better idea of what Auslogics BoostSpeed can do for your computer. Click https://goo.gl/BLL5WB to download the latest version of Auslogics BoostSpeed 9.