Optimize, Repair and Back up Your PC with Active@ Data Studio
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Optimize, Repair and Back up Your PC with [email protected] Data Studio

[email protected] Data Studio is LSoft Technologies' flagship product. It ships with the latest editions of all the applications you need to repair, diagnose and recover your computer as well as back up, recover or securely erase data. To make things easier and to eliminate the need for any learning curve, users will be greeted with a familiar interface modelled after build 1709 of Windows 10. The underlying operating system has also been upgraded in version 13, released on April 13th, 2018, and is now based on the WinPE 10.0.16299.15 kernel. Other improvements include the ability to create fully customized boot disks and user interface environments. You can now install custom tools and applications onto your boot disk, add and arrange desktop shortcuts and create custom menus. In other words, [email protected] Data Studio provides a fully self-contained and extensively customizable operating system that starts up from an optical disk or USB flash drive. This also means that it works independently of your operating system, so it can even work if your system disk is blank, unworkable or not even installed. Diagnose and Repair Computer Problems Most of us have been there - we've booted up the computer in the hope of getting to work or play only to be greeted with a blue screen error message which fleets across the screen before you have a chance to figure out what could possibly be going on. Sometimes, there isn't any error message at all, and the computer simply resets itself or even switches itself off the moment it tries to boot into the operating system. Provided that the post screen is still visible, the problem likely lies with your operating system or a serious driver misconfiguration. With [email protected] Data Studio, however, you can boot up your computer and access your system hard drive as normal. This allows you to diagnose and repair many problems or, if that fails, transfer everything safely to another drive. With the include [email protected] Disk Image software, you can even create a byte-by-byte backup of any storage device connected to your machine. Recover or Securely Delete Your Data Most people consider an action like formatting a hard drive or emptying the recycle bin to be final and that, once that's done, the data can never be recovered. However, that's not the way digital storage devices and file systems work. All that really happens is that the file system marks the previously occupied space as available. However, the original data can be restored by specialized software quite easily. That's what [email protected] File Recovery and [email protected] UNDELETE do, making them excellent tools for anyone who has inadvertently lost data, either by way of human error, a security breach or failing hardware. With these tools, you can exploit the window of opportunity you have to get back what you've lost. On the other hand, if secure data deletion is your goal, you'll have the tools available to do that as well. You can also recover and configure partitions using the included [email protected] Partition Recovery. Learn more at http://lsoft.net/data-studio.aspx.