Schedule and Automate Reports with CRD Crystal Report Scheduler
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Schedule and Automate Reports with CRD Crystal Report Scheduler

Regardless of your industry and the size of your business, digital data is by far the most important asset you have at your disposal, and this fact is only going to become more crucial as the world becomes more reliant on data. That's because every digital activity generates data, whether it's a like on Facebook, an order on an e-commerce store or even a customer calling in for sales advice or technical support. These days, all such activities are recorded and, while many of them are anonymous, you can still translate much of this data into actionable insights. Data-driven insights will help you make smarter business decisions and, to a degree, put your company's future growth on autopilot. The big question is, naturally, how can you make sense of these enormous data sets? The answer to this major modern business challenge lies in using the right tools. Why Automation Offers the Perfect Answer Crystal Reports is an industry-leading business intelligence application designed with small businesses in mind. It collects valuable data from a wide range of sources, allows administrators to easily design and customize their reports and more. What it lacks by itself, however, is full automation such as the ability to run reports at specific times or when certain events occur before sending them in your desired format to wherever you want. To create and obtain your reports manually is time-consuming and also prone to human error, which is one of the main reasons why automation helps you to get technology back on your side and eliminate the need to repetitive and mundane tasks. The time and date scheduling features allow you to choose from hourly, weekly or monthly reports, but you can also set far more specific timetables, such as the second Wednesday every month. You can also run the same report multiple times, albeit with different parameters. This makes CRD Crystal Report Scheduler the perfect solution for a huge variety of different businesses, since it may be easily customized to suit an extensive range of different goals and operational processes. Another useful ability is event triggering, which tells the program to automatically generate remotes when specific variables are met. To give some examples, these might include file modifications, new database entries, a new program opening or an email being received. Since the possibilities are practically endless thanks to the ability to define and set event triggers, you can even use the tool to monitor for attempted data leaks. Enjoy Business Benefits that Fuel Growth and Supercharge Productivity Automation provides some very important benefits in the fast-paced world of modern, technology-driven business. Some of the greatest include lower costs, increased productivity, reduced risk of human error, access to more valuable insights and increased employee morale and customer satisfaction. Whether you're currently spending too much time manually running or sending reports or you simply need to negate the risk of human error, CRD Crystal Report Scheduler has you covered. The latest edition includes several bug fixes and enhancements, including the ability to send reports as URLs when email has been set as the destination. There's also a new CutePDF rendering option for PDF outputs and visibility into snapshot limits. Learn more at