Supercharge Your Computer with System Mechanic Free
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Supercharge Your Computer with System Mechanic Free

After a while, it is only inevitable that your computer's performance will suffer as unwanted programs clog up system resources and junk files fill up your hard drive. Even with normal everyday use, it's perfectly normal for computers to suffer wear and tear, and for this reason, you need to take some additional steps to maintain your machine. Unfortunately, this takes some time, and it takes a degree of expertise than most computer users simply don't have. Sometimes, keeping a computer running smoothly and free of errors can seem like a fulltime job. That's why System Mechanic Free was developed to help streamline computer maintenance and restore performance. Clean Your System Registry The system registry is an enormous database containing all the settings of all the programs installed on your computer. As vast and as complex as it is, the registry is prone to developing errors. Although most of these errors shouldn't present a problem by themselves, they can sometimes compound into serious problems which, in turn, can lead to reduce performance and system reliability issues. System Mechanic Free can remedy such problems by performing an in-depth scan of your registry and automatically deleting duplicated keys and invalid entries pertaining to programs are no longer exist on your computer. Optimize Your Program Shortcuts After a period of heavy use and installing and removing lots of applications from your computer, you'll soon find that you have lots of invalid shortcuts on your desktop, in the start menu and elsewhere and your computer. After all, Windows often doesn't uninstall programs properly. To help keep your computer organized, this utility will automatically fix damaged shortcuts and delete existing ones that don't lead to any valid program. This way, you'll never have to worry about cluttering up your computer with invalid shortcuts. Aside from keeping your shortcuts organized, the utility helps to improve hard disk performance by getting rid of junk files, such as those left behind by programs that failed to uninstall properly. Other tools to help you to restore hard disk performance include a powerful disk defragmenter and error-checking utility. With these features at your disposal, you no longer have to worry about obsolete data taking up space on your computer or unwanted programs using up system resources. Get More Out of Your Internet Connection These days, almost everyone relies heavily on their Internet connection. Unfortunately, there are plenty of different problems that can develop which may slow down your Internet connection or cause problems such as erratic disconnections and issues connecting to different wireless networks. System Mechanic Free provides a set of functions that can help you restore the performance and reliability of your Internet connection without the user needing to know anything about the complexities of networking. But this program at your disposal, you can get back on line as soon as possible. If you're ready to tune up your computer today, you can download System Mechanic Free at The free version comes with a registry tune-up utility, startup optimizer, cleanup utility, shortcuts repair, Internet connection repair and memory mechanic.