VDP Technology: More Than Just Printing
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VDP Technology: More Than Just Printing

VDP (variable data printing) technology can do much more than its name gives it credit. Capabilities such as automatic form population, automatic routing, and form design can be a part of a VDP solution. Cutting Out Data Entry Variable data technology is practically a must for businesses with high volumes of document processing, especially if there is data entry involved. The time and labor that is spent on these manual processes is costly, and is not particularly efficient. Once the element of manual processing is introduced into a business, the possibility of human error increases significantly. VDP (variable data printing) technology takes raw data made up of basic transactional information such as dates, times, invoice numbers, and more and inserts these values onto the correct sections of a form before it is printed. No one had to enter this information, and with the removal of tedious data entry, employees can focus on other important tasks that will directly impact their company's profitability. This automated data entry feature is present within most VDP software, but what's harder to come across is VDP software that can also distribute documents to other destinations besides a printing device. Going Above & Beyond To successfully complete a document workflow, not only does a form need to be appropriately filled out, but it ultimately needs to be securely deposited where it can accessed by another team member. Traditionally, after inputting bits of information manually, an employee would also have to route a populated document to either an archive system, email address, fax number, or printing device. Reform VDP is a product capable of streamlining this entire document processing chain. Being a true end-to-end workflow solution, Reform VDP can intelligently populate a form, identify its form type, and automatically deliver it to its pre-determined location. All of these steps are done sequentially and with little to no delays in between processing. Learn even more of Reform VDP's design, and cost-saving features by visiting our Reform VDP product page: http://www.fabsoft.com/products/reform-vdp.html . It might just be exactly what your company needs in order to boost its productivity to new heights.