Online war game that challenges the mind
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Online war game that challenges the mind

There is a something new on the internet with an online war game made for strategic fun. Beginning in the middle ages, it requires the development of empires through economic means and through the destruction of enemies worldwide. A player must learn how to build their empire by producing and selling in game resources. The resources used are food, iron, wood,wine ,tools and the almighty gold. The game is turn based with various land units these are mountains, plains and forests. Land is what the military sweats for and bleeds for when being conquered. All aspects of this online war game are based on historical civilizations. The combinations of military might, economic prowess and diplomatic guile are all needed to become a great leader. A player is able to build tool makers and hire explorers from each town center. There is a protection period of building the country that last 320 turns or 800 turns depending on the game server a player chooses. The basic resources of food,wood and iron are produced to get gold. All the resources are used for buildings, builders, toolmakers and feeding an ever growing population. Balancing the use of food and other resources is absolute key to having a strong country in protection.Gaining research before other players in the game is also very important. When the civilizations becomes big enough to defeat other empires, the war aspect of the online war begins. When the protection period of building the country is finished players wait until they amass 320 to 800 turns depending on which game is played.These turns will be awarded ever 3 minutes or 9 minutes again depending on game. At this point the players forms alliances with other empires, which means like in life there is safety in numbers. There are other alliances and this builds up to a showdown of war with other alliances. They train their army units and refine their research on all aspects of the game. The research is done in buildings known as mage towers. This element of research is consistent with historical civilizations in history. It makes 1000ad a realistic online war game. Some of the weapons are for Viking Bezerkers, Japanese Samurai or Inca Shaman. There is also exploration by horsemen who scale the mountains, forests and plains in search of fertile ground. The online game is seasonal with farming from April to November and hunting is the winter. The player must manage all military,economical and political aspects needed to lead the world. He must make sure that people don't freeze during winter as well as choosing the right allies. Leading armies of swordsmen against defending archers behind a great wall can mean death or victory. Send in a battalion of catapults or thieves on missions of espionage . The game of war many times requires the players to be devious. For example the alliance may use a thief to spy or use catapults to destroy populations instead of the army. An alliance may decide not to conquer a new land. Instead they may set it on fire or rob it to halt its progress. No holds are barred in the medieval war game. Sometimes use of strategy may compensate for lack of resources. Being diplomatic is also important in the strategy war game. To avoid losing to an unmatched rival, the player should swiftly acquire a password to join an alliance.