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Securely Erase Rewritable Optical Disks with Active@ DVD Eraser

Jun 28, 2017 |
Active@ DVD Eraser provides a simple solution for erasing rewritable optical media, such as CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. It greatly extends upon the basic functionality provided in Windows to improve ... Read more

Burn Your ISO Images to Disc with Active@ ISO Burner 4

Jun 28, 2017 |
Windows natively provides limited support for the popular ISO standard, but it is also very limited when it comes to more sophisticated jobs. Active@ ISO Burner 4 is here to the rescue, providing a ... Read more

How to Recover Formatted Partitions and Deleted Files

Jun 29, 2017 |
Digital data has become one of our most valuable commodities, and losing it can spell disaster. Both at home and in the workplace, digital data needs to be protected by every available means but, no ... Read more

Safely Back Up All Your Data with Active@ Disk Image

Aug 20, 2017 |
When it comes to protecting your data, making sure you have all the necessary security measures in place is one thing. Nonetheless, many people take their firewalls and antivirus software for granted. ... Read more

Repair Your Computer and More with Active@ Data Studio

Aug 21, 2017 |
Active@ Data Studio is the ultimate suite of disk utilities and other tools for managing your data and troubleshooting and repairing computers. Whether you need to back up or restore data, recover ... Read more

Automate FTP Transfers and Streamline Your Workflows

Aug 24, 2017 |
Working with files stored on a remote FTP or SFTP server is a common part of the daily routine in many IT departments. For those still relying on conventional FTP clients, it is already clear just how ... Read more

Data Recovery Made Simple with Active@ UNERASER

Aug 27, 2017 |
Data loss is one of the most common computer-related problems of all, both for home and business users. As such, it's essential to have something to fall back on when things go wrong. While everyone ... Read more

The RAW Photo Editor That's Easy to Use

Oct 29, 2017 |
Designed for both amateur and professional photographers, ACDSee Professional supports RAW photo editing, and provides a wide range of features to help users streamline their workflows and achieve ... Read more

A Powerful Raster and Vector Editor for Mac

Oct 30, 2017 |
There's plenty of drawing software for Mac, but many of the mainstream solutions are infamously complicated and include a steep learning curve. However, Canvas Draw provides the tools that most ... Read more

How to Securely Erase Your Private Files

Dec 11, 2017 |
Most of us store sensitive information on our computers, such as payment details, personal information, login credentials, private collections of photos and other files and much more. If you intend to ... Read more

MAPS.ME: Bicycle Navigation, Best Cycling Routes

Jan 29, 2018 |
It is common joke that in some places winter lasts for 9 months. Although even that cannot put people off cycling, especially those who use bicycles for commuting rather than merely sports. Cyclists ... Read more

Create Professional Drawings with Computer Aided Design Software

Feb 18, 2018 |
There is a huge number of benefits of using professional computer aided design software to help realize your projects. CAD software helps improve productivity in a multitude of ways, and many of these ... Read more

Manage Your Storage Devices with Active@ Partition Manager

Mar 20, 2018 |
Hard drives and other storage devices are getting larger all the time to such an extent that it's becoming increasingly difficult to effectively manage your data and keep track of a constantly ... Read more

Get More Out of Your Computer with System Mechanic Professional

Apr 23, 2018 |
If you have ever thought your computer is starting to feel slower then it once was, then you're certainly not alone. In fact, it's entirely normal for a computer to slow down over time as programs and ... Read more

How to Recover Data from NTFS Drives

Apr 24, 2018 |
Digital data is one of the world's most valuable commodities. These days, we live our lives on the internet and for many of us, digital files such as treasured family photos and personal documents are ... Read more

Retrieving Your Lost Data with UNFORMAT

Apr 24, 2018 |
Most of us have had the experience before - we've unwittingly deleted the wrong file or formatted the wrong hard drive only to find out too late in spite of the warnings. There are many other reasons ... Read more

Regain Access to Your Computer with Active@ Password Changer

Apr 24, 2018 |
It's happened to most of us to the extent that it is one of the most common computer-related problems of all. Forgetting a password remains a common problem, and it's getting worse if anything. With ... Read more

Securely Erasing Digital Data with Active@ KillDisk

Jun 7, 2018 |
Many of us use our computers for things like online shopping and banking, as well as for a multitude of other activities that involve the storage and transmission of sensitive data. In fact, most ... Read more

Craft Professional Drawings with NanoCAD Plus

Jun 21, 2018 |
Computer aided design software is often expensive and complicated to use, with enormous learning curves that can take months to get used to. On the other hand, designers, engineers, architects and ... Read more

Turn Data into Insights with CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler

Jun 26, 2018 |
Digital data is one of the most important assets for any modern business. Furthermore, given the increasing ubiquity of internet-connected devices like smartphones and tablets, the amount of data ... Read more